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GEF/Slovenia: Reducing water pollution in the Danube basin project preparation

This publication is part of report series published under the FAO Investment Centre/European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Cooperation Programme. The series presents sector reviews and studies undertaken in Central and Eastern Europe that cover development issues and innovative areas to increase investment in agriculture in the region. This report contains all elements submitted to the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Council for the approval of a grant in favour of Slovene enterprises wishing to invest in water pollution reduction technologies. The grant was approved in 2002 under the GEF Danube basin pollution reduction programme and was mixed with a loan from EBRD. The Slovenian portion of the Danube river basin covers approximately 80% of its total land area. One objective of the project was to establish an EBRD/GEF Environmental Credit Facility through which EBRD could offer credit lines to local banks for lending to the private sector for water pollution reduction investments. The Facility aims to reduce nutrient and toxic waste pollution, and improve Slovenian water quality to meet international environmental standards. This publication can be used as a reference for governments and international financial institutions interested in involving the private sector in pollution reduction programmes.