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Ukraine: Review of the sunflower oil sector - Sector review

This publication is part of report series published under the FAO Investment Centre/European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Cooperation Programme. The series presents sector reviews and studies undertaken in Central and Eastern Europe that cover development issues and innovative areas to increase investment in agriculture in the region. Sunflower seed is the most important oilseed produced in Ukraine, which ranks as the third largest producer in the world. This publication provides a review of the oilseed production and processing sector in Ukraine and an analysis of the supply and demand for sunflower seed, oil and meal. The report also includes a discussion of the main policy issues that currently limit the development of the oilseed sector in Ukraine. EBRD has invested heavily in the Ukraine oilseed sector. In this context, it called upon FAO's expertise to make recommendations to the Government of Ukraine to improve the policy framework of this important sector. The report provides useful background information for commodity analysts, financial institutions wishing to invest in the oilseed sector and governments of oilseed-producing countries.