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Poland, Bulgaria and Romania: Social impact of discount food retail in remote regions

This study was commissioned by the EBRD to begin the enhancement of the economic and social impact of investments in the food retail sector by obtaining a better understanding of the socio-economic impact of retail investments on more remote regions of these countries. The first objective of the study was to summarise the conclusions on social impacts of discount and organised retail formats on the more remote areas of countries with economies comparable to Poland, Romania and Bulgaria over a longer period of time, whilst gathering general demographic and socio-economic data/indicators for each country and providing guidance on splitting these countries into geographic areas (i.e. from relatively disadvantaged to relatively well-off) to help identify locations of investment. The second objective was to validate/qualify the conclusions from the first objective through a study of discount and organized retail formats operating in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, and to draw inference and apply these conclusions to judge the prospective social impact of potential investments in remote areas of Romania and Bulgaria.