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Serbia: Sugar Sector Review

Sugar production in Serbia has increased in a dramatic fashion over the past ten years, primarily due to the privatization of the sector and Serbia’s preferential access to the European Union (EU) and Central European Free Trade Area (CEFTA) markets. A new study assesses sugar beet production and processing in Serbia and the outlook for the national sugar sector. The report looks in depth at the future of world sugar prices, sugar beet prices and sugar beet processing costs. In Serbia, sugar beet is grown and processed in the Vojvodina province in the north, which is also the largest sugar producer in Central and Southeast Europe. In 2010/2011, Serbia produced 500 000 tonnes of sugar, a quantity that can be sustained if the sugar industry and the Serbian government focus on improved agronomic practices to reduce sugar beet production costs; investment in modernizing sugar plants to reduce energy costs; and continued access to the EU market.