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Ghana -Review of smallholder linkages for inclusive agribusiness development

Date of publication: 18 October 2013

In recent years, there has been increase in the flow of investment to agriculture, particularly due to rising commodity prices. Private sector investments resulted in large-scale acquisitions of farmland in lower and middle-income countries, which brought a long-standing controversial debate about “land grabbing” and “development investment” to the forefront, as...


Review of the wheat sector and grain storage issues in Pakistan

Date of publication: 23 August 2013

Wheat is the largest grown grain crop in Pakistan and a main staple food, representing 40 percent of total cultivated land on 9 million hectares and 3 percent of the country’s gross domestic product in 2009. However, yields remain low due to various constraints faced within the sector. Under the...


Serbia: Sugar Sector Review

Date of publication: 11 March 2013

Sugar production in Serbia has increased in a dramatic fashion over the past ten years, primarily due to the privatization of the sector and Serbia’s preferential access to the European Union (EU) and Central European Free Trade Area (CEFTA) markets. A new study assesses sugar beet production and processing in...


Tunisie: Financement du secteur agricole

Date of publication: 5 February 2013

L’étude “Tunisie: Financement du secteur agricole” sur le financement agricole de la Tunisie a été menée en réponse à une requête faite en décembre 2009 par le ministère tunisien de l’Agriculture et de l’Environnement pour appuyer une étude sur les principales contraintes au financement agricole. L’agriculture représente une part...


Stocktaking of agricultural water investment in India: A review of selected World Bank-supported projects

Date of publication: 4 February 2013

The report "Stocktaking of agricultural water investment in India" is part of a joint FAO and World Bank research effort that has been developed to follow the progress of World Bank-supported agriculture and rural development (ARD) projects in South Asia. This is the final publication in a three report...


Turkmenistan: Agricultural sector review

Date of publication: 4 February 2013

An agricultural sector review of Turkmenistan has just been published by the FAO Investment Centre under the Country Highlights series. The report presents an in depth analysis of the agricultural sector in Turkmenistan in order to inform initial policy discussions with the Government of Turkmenistan and points at areas where...