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Incorporating climate change considerations into agricultural investment programmes

Date of publication: 1 May 2012

FAO’s Investment Centre Division, in collaboration with FAO’s Climate, Energy and Tenure Division, has published a report on: “Incorporating climate change considerations into agricultural investment programmes – A guidance document”. This best practices guidance document is intended to help development professionals  and government officials who are involved in...


Innovative agricultural finance and risk management: Strengthening food production and trade in the transition region

Date of publication: 1 May 2012

A working paper entitled "Innovative agricultural finance and risk management" has been published by FAO’s Investment Centre Division in collaboration with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The publication looks into the issue of risk management in agricultural finance in transition countries. These countries - like Kazakhstan,...


Country investment plans in agriculture: Lessons from early experience

Date of publication: 1 May 2012

The learning note "Country investment plans in agriculture: lessons from early experience" has been published by the FAO Investment Centre Division. It focuses on three case studies in Bangladesh, United Republic of Tanzania and Ethiopia and looks at the challenges, successes and lessons learned from preparing and developing country...


Outgrower schemes: advantages of different business models for sustainable crop intensification

Date of publication: 1 March 2012

This learning note is part of the Investment Centre Division’s contribution to FAO’s Strategic Objective on Sustainable Intensification of Crop Production. It is an extract from a wider review of smallholder linkages for inclusive agribusiness development financed under the FAO/World Bank Cooperative Programme. The study reviews a range of...


Sustainable production systems intensification in the Sahelian zone: Niger case study

Date of publication: 1 March 2012

‘Save and grow’ is a concept of sustainable crop production intensification that aims to improve base agricultural production mainly by improving natural resource management. Over the last 30 years, ‘save and grow’ has been promoted as a development practice by international development organizations and local farmers in many Sub-Saharan African...


Iraq: Agriculture sector note

Date of publication: 1 December 2011

In partnership with the World Bank, FAO’s Investment Centre Division prepared an Agricultural Sector Note that reviews available information on the performance of Iraqi agriculture, government policies and development partner programmes ongoing in the country. The Note also addresses current constraints to the sector, and areas for development to...

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