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Emerging investment trends in primary agriculture

Date of publication: 1 September 2013

In recent years there has been notable growth in public and private investment in primary agriculture, particularly by private equity funds. This relatively new phenomenon has led to private and quasi-private large-scale acquisitions of farmlands that often enhance efficiency and productivity while also contributing to modernizing the primary sector. As...


Ghana -Review of smallholder linkages for inclusive agribusiness development

Date of publication: 1 September 2013

In recent years, there has been increase in the flow of investment to agriculture, particularly due to rising commodity prices. Private sector investments resulted in large-scale acquisitions of farmland in lower and middle-income countries, which brought a long-standing controversial debate about “land grabbing” and “development investment” to the forefront, as...


Improving Milk Supply in Northern Ukraine: Technical Assistance to the Dairy Sector

Date of publication: 1 September 2013

A new FAO/EBRD report "Improving Milk Supply in Northern Ukraine: Technical Assistance to Ukraine's Dairy Sector" has just been published. The report reviews the overall sector in Ukraine and explains why rural household production is struggling to compete with commercial production. Commercial and household dairy farm investment models...


Russian Federation: Sugar sector review

Date of publication: 1 May 2013

The sugar sector is central to the Russian Federation’s economy: during the last ten years, it has expanded dramatically and sugar is currently the second most important source of food calories for Russian consumers. Both the privatization of farms and factories in the early 1990s and the variable import duties...


Promover la inversión en agricultura a fin de aumentar la producción y la productividad

promoting investment Spanish pict.jpg
Date of publication: 1 March 2013

Reporte elaborado en el marco del proyecto "Apoyo para el estudio de medidas políticas apropiadas a fin de aumentar la inversión en agricultura y estimular la producción de alimentos".


Review of the wheat sector and grain storage issues in Pakistan

Date of publication: 1 March 2013

Wheat is the largest grown grain crop in Pakistan and a main staple food, representing 40 percent of total cultivated land on 9 million hectares and 3 percent of the country’s gross domestic product in 2009. However, yields remain low due to various constraints faced within the sector. Under the...