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Bhutan: Agricultural sector review Volume 2: Working papers

Date of publication: 1 September 2012

In collaboration with the World Bank, the Investment Centre has published an agricultural sector review of Bhutan in two volumes that provides an overview of Bhutan’s renewable natural resources (RNR) sector and identifies priority areas for future investments. About 65 percent of Bhutan’s population is rural and thus depends on the...


The Grain Chain Food Security and Managing Wheat Imports in Arab Countries

Date of publication: 1 August 2012

Arab countries face a number of food security risks due to their high dependence on wheat imports. This study
explores ways in which countries can mitigate these risks. The authors evaluate the wheatimport supply chain (WISC) from the unloading port to bulk storage at the flour mill, before the wheat is milled into flour. This study is...


Stocktaking of livelihood projects in India

Date of publication: 21 June 2012

A report on “Stocktaking of livelihoods projects in India,” published by the FAO Investment Centre, draws from six thematic working papers prepared by FAO consultants. The paper reviews a series of projects that the World Bank has supported in seven states of India that give direct funding and support...


Incorporating climate change considerations into agricultural investment programmes

Date of publication: 1 May 2012

FAO’s Investment Centre Division, in collaboration with FAO’s Climate, Energy and Tenure Division, has published a report on: “Incorporating climate change considerations into agricultural investment programmes – A guidance document”. This best practices guidance document is intended to help development professionals  and government officials who are involved in...


Outgrower schemes: advantages of different business models for sustainable crop intensification

Date of publication: 1 March 2012

This learning note is part of the Investment Centre Division’s contribution to FAO’s Strategic Objective on Sustainable Intensification of Crop Production. It is an extract from a wider review of smallholder linkages for inclusive agribusiness development financed under the FAO/World Bank Cooperative Programme. The study reviews a range of collaborative...


Sustainable production systems intensification in the Sahelian zone: Niger case study

Date of publication: 1 March 2012

‘Save and grow’ is a concept of sustainable crop production intensification that aims to improve base agricultural production mainly by improving natural resource management. Over the last 30 years, ‘save and grow’ has been promoted as a development practice by international development organizations and local farmers in many Sub-Saharan African...