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15 July 2019
Laboratory biosafety and biosecurity mitigate different risks, but they share a common goal: protecting the personnel and the environment, keeping Valuable Biological Materials (VBM) safely and securely inside the laboratory where they are used and stored. Good laboratory biosafety practices reinforce and strengthen laboratory biosecurity systems. A comprehensive biosafety culture...
28 June 2019
Naivasha, Kenya. The Eastern Africa – Regional Animal Health Network (EA-RAHN), is a platform that was established in 2008, to strengthen regional coordination on technical issues relating to animal health and veterinary services in the region. The 9th EA-RAHN meeting themed “Partnering for an enhanced coordination of interventions on animal...
17 April 2019
FAO responded to 163 outbreaks of infectious animal diseases in 13 countries in Africa, during 2018 – through the USAID-funded Emerging Pandemic Threats and Global Health Security Agenda programmes. Animal health experts supported Governments to manage outbreaks including avian influenza, foot and mouth disease, peste des petits ruminants, Rift Valley...
10 April 2019
Nairobi - Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is of growing global concern. AMR in human pathogens is forecast to cause an increasing number of deaths accompanied by rising costs in healthcare. Usage of antimicrobials in humans and animals leads to selection for resistance; furthermore, from a One Health perspective, the close connection...
26 July 2018
For every $1 FAO spent on early livestock interventions in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia in early 2017, as herders braced for another harsh drought, each family saw benefits worth up to $9 due to less animals dying of hunger and disease, and producing up to three times more milk.
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