Земельные и водные ресурсы


Здесь вы найдете информацию о предстоящих посвященных земельным и водным ресурсам мероприятиях, семинарах, совещаниях и конференциях, которые организует ФАО или в которых принимает активное участие.


10 Dec 2019 - 10 Dec 2019
FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy
Under FAO’s One Water One Health Initiative, FAO presents FLOWERED – an EU Horizon 2020 project results on Fluoride in water quality and food impacts. The meeting will be held on 10 December 2019 from 9.00 to 12.00 in FAO Headquarters,...
10 Dec 2019 - 12 Dec 2019
Rome, Italy
FAO is organizing the International Workshop “Integrated territorial and landscape approaches for poverty reduction and sustainability: Innovation and challenges from country led implementation” from 10 to 12 December 2019 in FAO Headquarters, Rome, Italy. The workshop aims at enabling the...
10 Mar 2020 - 12 Mar 2020
FAO HQ, Rome, Italy
03 Jun 2020 - 05 Jun 2020
FAO HQ, Rome, Italy