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Towards an observatory of agriculture within the Indian Ocean region

Defining and implementing a regional observatory of agricultures within the Indian Ocean is one of the key projects of the Regional platform of Agricultural Research for the Indian Ocean development (PRéRAD-OI).

Initial consultations involving FAO, Cirad and PRéRAD-OI partners took place among three countries, La Réunion (France), Madagascar and Mauritius. Additional contacts have been recently established with Comoros, the Seychelles and Mayotte (France).

EU funds will allow to build the project in 2020 with the primary objective to support family farmers in developing their own information systems whenever needed.

Even if the islands are diverse by size, history, agrarian and economical structure, these preliminary consultations revealed themes of convergence such as youth installations in agriculture, transition to agro ecological patterns of production, specific value chains and exchanges of agricultural products. These preliminary options will require deeper consultations with national PRéRAD-OI partners, governmental and non-governmental institutions and consolidation during 2020. 

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