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В этом разделе представлены новостные статьи о работе ФАО в области земельных и водных ресурсов. 


FAO provides training on monitoring of SDG 6.4 indicators
As part of its ongoing efforts to support countries to make water use in agriculture more efficient, equitable, and environmentally friendly, FAO held a training course on monitoring Sustainable Development Goal 6.4 indicators that focused on water use efficiency and water stress from 15 to18 October 2019 in Addis...
Field guide to improve water use efficiency in small-scale agriculture
The role of irrigation in gearing agriculture development towards a broader economic growth is undeniable. Accordingly, irrigation is growing into key operational strategy for governments and their agencies to increase agricultural productivity, thus combatting food insecurity and boosting overall growth. While agriculture absorbs rural workforce, generates income and increases food...
New Delhi – 11 September Shifting from reactive to proactive drought management is essential to protecting both people and the environment from the impacts of this slow-onset disaster. This is one of the main messages of a report presented today by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization at the...
At an informal session on sharing experiences hosted by FAO during the World Water Week 2019 in Stockholm, Water Ecosystem Livelihood Leaders came together to brainstorm on concrete actions on better water and drought management as well as activities to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal 6 on...
Antimicrobials (AM) play a critical role in the treatment of human and animal (aquatic and terrestrial) diseases, which has led to their widespread application and use. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is the ability of microorganisms (e.g. bacteria, viruses and some parasites) to stop an antibiotic, such as an antimicrobial, antiviral or...
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