Земельные и водные ресурсы


The State of the World’s Land and Water Resources for Food and Agriculture is FAO’s flagship publication on land and water resources. It comprehensively reflects the commitment of the Organization to leveraging support for sustainable land and water use and management as a way of achieving food security and human development, especially in rural areas.

SOLAW, first published in 2011, links technical and scientific knowledge with communication and outreach for coherence in national and international policymaking on land and water resources. It adds value and coordination to FAO’s work on natural resource management for food security and nutrition.

By connecting scientific development and policy-relevant issues, SOLAW examines trends in sustainable land, soil and water management at the landscape scale.

SOLAW 2011 explored the institutional aspects envisaged for the identification and management of at-risk national land and water systems and for delivering on-the-ground support. The aim of SOLAW 2011 was to increase awareness of challenges related to land and water resources, enable public debate, and advocate for policymaking at the national and international levels.