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In this issue: Introduction FAOLEX - Sus orígenes y desarrollo L’identité FAOLEX Open Data and Innovation: Challenges and Opportunities Introduction This is the first of a special series of Development Law celebrating the silver jubilee of the FAOLEX legislative database, which was...
LEGN, in collaboration with FIAF and the EAF-Nansen Programme, held an online regional workshop on the use of the Diagnostic Tool on Implementing an Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries through policy and legal frameworks (“EAF Legal Diagnostic Tool”). About 30 representatives...
LEGN a le plaisir de publier le Guide juridique n ° 2 sur l'alimentation et la nutrition scolaires. Il a été élaboré en étroite collaboration avec les unités techniques représentées dans le Groupe de travail de la FAO sur l'alimentation...
On 12 August 2020, a joint session of the Commission on Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries and the Commission on Environment and Tourism of the Latin-American and Caribbean Parliament (PARLATINO) approved unanimously a draft model law on climate change and food...
Manuela Cuvi of the Development Law Service presents at an online webinar organised by the OAS Secretariat for Legal Affairs on the subject of "Food security as a post COVID-19 challenge".  This session was part of an ongoing virtual forum...
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