Ombudsman and Ethics Office

Welcome to the Ombudsman and Ethics Office

The Ombudsman and Ethics Office was established in FAO in December 2009, with the intent to secure the highest standards of integrity of employees, in accordance with the Standards of Conduct for the International Civil Service. The Ethics Office promotes compliance with the Organization's rules, policies and procedures, and contributes to fostering a culture of ethical behavior, transparency and accountability.

The Office operates under the general supervision of the Director-General and within the administrative framework of the Legal Office.

More specifically, the Ombudsman and Ethics Office:

  • administers and monitors the Organization’s declaration of interest and financial disclosure programme, and provides the necessary guidance to staff
  • leads and coordinates the development of the ethics programme
  • provides confidential advice and guidance to staff on ethical issues, including conflict of interest, financial disclosure and sound business practices
  • established and operates a confidential ethics helpline
  • develops standards, training and education materials on ethics and integrity issues, in coordination with the Human Resources Management Division and other offices as appropriate, and coordinates an annual ethics training session for all staff
  • participates in relevant United Nations inter-agency fora and facilitates a harmonized approach with other institutions of the UN Common System.
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