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DLML Library collections

Subject coverage 

Agriculture, Food and Nutrition, Rural Development, Plant Production and Protection, Animal Production and Health, Agricultural Machinery, Agro-industries, Agro-forestry, Forestry, Fisheries, Sustainable Development, Statistics, Agricultural Economics and other related subjects.

Library books collection

The library has built up an important book collection since its establishment in 1952. These cover agriculture, fisheries, forestry, rural development, nutrition, and other subjects of interest to the organization. From 1976 onwards, the book collection can be accessed via the online catalogue. For older books, a card catalogue is still kept (enquiries to: fao-library-reference@fao.org).

Library Journals collection

The library has a large collection of journals (around 13,000, of which approximately 1,500 are electronic) from all over the world in the organization's fields of interest. These can be accessed through the List of Library Journals. FAO Documents collection covers the intellectual output of the organization - over 155,000 publications and documents, which include project reports and meeting documents. These are all accessible through the Web catalogue. For those not yet available online, copies in print of TIFF format can be requested from fao-library-reproduction@fao.org.

The International Institute of Agriculture Collections

The IIA was an international organization founded by David Lubin, namesake of FAO's library. It operated from 1905 until 1945. Upon cessation of activities, it donated its library collection to the FAO. This collection is a valuable source of historical agricultural resources dating back to the 15th century. For more information about the IIA collection, consult the reference librarians at fao-library-reference@fao.org.