Biblioteca David Lubin



General instructions

Library borrowers must complete a loan request form for each item borrowed, signing the receipt in the appropriate box when the publication is collected.

If the borrower is unable to fetch a publication him/herself, he/she should authorize another person to collect it and to sign the receipt on his/her behalf.

The borrower is responsible for all library material on loan to him/her until the borrowed material has been returned.

Borrowing privileges are for FAO staff only. Consultants and volunteers should consult library loans staff in the event that they might need to take library materials from the library building.

Return of borrowed material

Borrowed material should be returned on or before the date that it is due. Extension of loans for additional periods may be granted provided that the publication is not requested by another user.

Period of loans

Books may be kept for                      one month
may be kept for              two weeks