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The FAO Library Discovery interface


The FAO Library provides access to its bibliographic resources through the FAO Library Discovery interface:www.fao.org/library/search
A single search interface to browse the Library's extensive online and print collections.

The interface allows you to set-up complex queries searching the Library's online subscriptions (book chapter & journal article level); the print collections (FAO
and non-FAO publications) located at FAO headquarters; and some selected bibliographic databases relevant to FAO's work, like the Web of Science.
Please note that the 'A-Z titles' menu item in the main menu brings you to a specific section where you can limit your search to the subscribed e-journals and
e-books titles.




External researchers can use the search interface for:

  • Bibliographic research.
  • Downloading Open Access publications: Click on the Open Access logo.
  • Requesting a scanned version of a FAO document: Click on Request publication button and fill in the e-mail form.
    For more information on this service, please visit the FAO document reproduction service page.
  • Requesting the consultation of print literature on the Library premises.
    For more information on visiting the FAO Library, please visit the Procedures for Library visitors page.

FAO staff can use the search interface:

  • Outside the SAG for: 
    - Bibliographic research: Login with the credentials faoguest/pw:@FAOlibrary123 when requested to visualize some otherwise hidden content.
    - Requesting print publications or online publications not readily available online: Click on Request publication button and fill in the e-mail form.
  • Through the SAG for
    Downloading the full-text of subscribed content: click on Access Full Text button.
    - Bibliographic research: Create a private account to access some additional functions like saving and sharing larger bibliographies, exporting records
    in various formats and setting-up allerts.

For FAO staff who are teleworking, we recommend using the interface through the Secure Access Gateway (SAG). For a step by step guide, please go here. However, because the SAG was not originally designed to access external websites, if you encounter any downloading problems, please contact [email protected] and Library staff will download the publication for you. The Library has been working with CIO to implement a proxy that will ensure smoother access/downloading; we will let you know when it will be implemented. As soon as it is in place, the discovery interface can be accessed from outside the SAG and publications can be downloaded with great ease. We will keep you posted.



Which bibliographic resources are included?


 FAO Publications


1943 (the foundation of FAO) – present


All the fields of work of FAO.

Type of documents:

FAO technical publications, projects, conferences and meeting reports, monographs, serials, maps, flyers etc.


Print: We keep a printed copy of all official FAO publications in our collection, according to the Library’s mandate to preserve the institutional memory of the organization.

Digital: All official FAO publications since 2001 and some previously digitalized material is available in digital format through the Discovery tool. 
Please visit the FAO Document Repository for an entire online overview of FAO online publications.


FAO monographs, serials and journals are available in full text when the Access full text button is displayed.
If only available in print, you can either request Library staff to consult the publication inside the library (because of preservation reasons) or take the FAO document reproduction service in consideration. Click the Ask-A-Librarian button and Library staff will get back to you.


FAO publications have been published in the official languages of the Organization: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian. Depending of the audience, FAO also publishes in other languages.



 Other Publishers


1976 – present
*Older print publications are only accessible through the card catalog.
Please contact [email protected]


All the fields of work of FAO.


Digital: For an overview of all the online publishers FAO is subscribed to, see the Digital Resources for FAO staff page

Print: The FAO Library contains a collection of around 1 milion print publications by innumerous publishers.

Type of documents:

All type of documents, from journal articles to monographs to conference papers etc.


Print and digital


All articles are available in full-text, either through the Access Full Text button or through the Request Publication button. In the latter case, the library will send you the PDf within 1-2 days.

Monographs are available in full text through the Access Full Text button or in print inside the Library. In the latter case you will have to come to the library to check the book out, please click the Request Publication button.

Journals are available in full-text through the Access Full text button or in print inside the library. In the latter case you will have to come to the library to consult the journal inside the library (journal issues cannot be checked out). Please remember that the library can obtain the full-text of any journal article for you by clicking the Request Publication button.



FAO languages and others.