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New Trials

A note on accessing the trials

FAO employees at headquarters can access the trails - through IP recognition - from any FAO computer.

FAO employees in the field can access the trials through the Secure Access Gateway.
If you encounter any issues with the SAG, please contact the library at fao-library-resources@fao.org and we will try to solve it as soon as possible.




World Scientific Journals

Trial period: 17 April – 17 May 2018

World Scientific Publishing is an academic publisher of scientific, technical, and medical books and journals. 125 titles are available for the trial.

URL: https://www.worldscientific.com/ See the specific URLs of the 125 titles here.
Access: via IP addresses authentication

Springer Nature e-journals

Agreement: April - December 2018

Safari Online Learning Platform
Trial period: 2 April - 2 May 2018

Safari offers users unlimited access to over 50,000 technical and business titles from over 250 partner publishers. Some highlights include:
Live Online Courses - Live courses from the best experts
Case Studies - Real examples of digital transformation
Learning Paths - Expert curated learning at your own pace
Interactive Tutorials - Step by step instruction with live coding
Pre-Published Books and Videos - Get access to content before it’s published

Self-Reg URL: https://www.safaribooksonline.com/self-registration/unseiac/
Please use the above link to register for the 30 day trial. You will then receive a “Welcome Email” to finish the registration process.

Hein Online
Trial period: 1– 30 April 2018

The trial provides access to the following collections:
International Commission of Jurists Library
United Nations Law Collection
World Constitutions Illustrated

Springer Nature e-books collections

Agreement: January - December 2018

The library renewed its agreement with Springer e-books for one year.
FAO staff (in headquarters and the field) can now access the following collections:

Biomedical and Life Science 2018 
Earth and Environmental Science 2018 
Engineering, 2017 
Business and Management 2018 
Economics and Finance 2018 
Political Science and International Studies 2018 

Trial period: 1 February – 31 July

“Oxford International Organizations (OXIO) is the first database for analysing and understanding key documents of international organizations. Each document is accompanied by a concise expert commentary. In order to capture the full bearing of international organizations on various substantive areas of international law as well as on the field of international institutional law in particular, OXIO includes, but is not limited to, resolutions and decisions of organizations, draft normative texts prepared within the framework of organizations, and constituent instruments of organizations. It also contains court decisions relevant for the institutional law of organizations as well as, occasionally, a treaty to which an organization is a party, where this brings light to issues of institutional law.”

Trial period: 1 February - 2 March

“Environmental Studies and Policy Collection - answers inquiries about environmental concerns with coverage of more than 5.4 million articles from more than 300 journals and book reference content from Delmar, including Soil, Science, and Management; Introduction to Agronomy; Food, Crops, & Environment; Fundamental Soil Science; and more."

Trial period: 1 February – 2 March

“This comprehensive collection of climate change and law documents contains original source, non-edited and non-redacted “grey literature” (non-peer reviewed) in English, centered on climate change and the law. Incorporated in the category of ‘law’ is any discipline of law which addressed climate change, including corporate law, environmental law and human rights law. Materials in the collection originate from a wide range of organizations in the public and private sector, institutions, and/or individuals, world-wide.”

Username: unseiac2017
Password: peace2017

URL: heinonline.org/HOL/Welcome.
Username: UNSEIAC Password: UNations