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17-21 June

Fourth Asia-Pacific Forestry Week

Includes available for download:
FAO Forestry Department. 1976. Forestry for local community development: secretariat note. Committee on Forestry, Sess. 3, Rome, 22-27 November 1976. FAO, Rome, Italy: 8 p.

20 May
UN Day

World Bee Day

Visit the digital photo gallery with striking book covers and plates on bees and beekeeping from 17th until the beginning of the 20th century.

2-3 April

High level event on "Food and Agriculture in times of crisis"

Includes available for download:
Boyd Orr, John. 1943. The role of food in post-war reconstruction
Boyd Orr, John. 1945. Welfare and peace

22 March
UN Day

World Water Day
First WASAG International Forum on water scarcity in agriculture in Cabo Verde,
19-22 March

Includes available for download:
Falkenmark, Malin, Lundqvist, Jan & Widstrand, Carl (1989-11-01). Macro-scale water scarcity requires micro-scale approaches. Natural Resources Forum, 13 (4): 258–267
Special report: Water. Thirsty planet, The Economist, March 2nd-8th 2019


12-13 Feb 


The First FAO/WHO/AU International Conference on Food Safety

Inlcudes available for download:
FAO. 1961. Proposed Joint FAO/WHO Program on Food Standards (Codex Alimentarius), Rome, 4 November 1961.
FAO/WHO. 1963. Report of the Joint FAO/WHO Conference on Food Standards, Geneva, 1-5 October 1962.
FAO/OMS. 1963. Rapport de la Conférence mixte FAO/OMS sur les normes alimentaires, Genève, 1-5 octobre 1962.
FAO/OMS. 1963. Informe de la Conferencia Conjunta FAO/OMS sobre Normas Alimentarias, Ginebra, 1-5 de octubre de 1962.


21 March
UN Day


International Day of Forests


3-5 April
FAO Rome


2nd International Symposium on Agroecology

Includes available for download:
Agroecology: reweaving a new landscape

2-4 May
FAO Rome


Global Symposium on Soil Pollution

Includes available for download:
Chapter 5 "Realms of soil" of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

8 June
UN Day

International Ocean Day 

Includes available for download:
New Scientist, May 2018
Carpenter, E. J., & Smith, K. L, Jr. 1972. Plastic on the Sargasso Sea surface. Science, 175: 1240–1241.
Carpenter, E. J., Anderson, S. J., Harvey, G. R., Miklas, H. P. & Peck, B. B. 1972. Polystyrene spherules in coastal waters. Science, 178: 749–750002E.
Bean, M. J. 1987. Legal strategies for reducing persistent plastics in marine environments. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 18: 357–360.
Thompson, R. C., Olsen, Y., Mitchell, R. P., Davis, A., Rowland, S. J., John, A. W. G., et al. 2004. Lost at sea: Where is all the plastic? Science, 304: 838.

16-20 July
FAO Rome



FAO Committee on Forestry (COFO24)

Includes available for download:
Report of the first session of the Committee on Forestry (COFO), Rome, 8-13 May 1972
Rapport de la premier session du Comite des Forests, Rome, 8-13 mai 1972
Informe del premier periodo de sesiones del Comite de Montes, Roma, 8-13 mayo 1972

12 September
UN Day


International Day of South-South Cooperation

Includes available for download:
South-South Cooperation beyond the myths: rising donors, new aid practices? (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017)
The Bandung Conference / by A. Appadorai. - New Delhi : The Indian Council of World Affairs, 1955. - 31 p. ; 21 cm.
Rural reconstruction / Afro-Asian Rural Reconstruction Organization. - v. 1(1) Aug 1966 - v. 1(4)  May 1967. - New Delhi : AARRO, 1966-1967. - vp. ; 25 cm.
The collected documents of the Group of 77. V. 1: Special anniversary edition / edited by Mourad Ahmia. - Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2006. - 1250 p. ; 26 cm.

16 October
UN Day
FAO Rome


World Food Day

Includes available for download:
FAO. 1982. Food comes first: World Food Day, 16 October. Rome, Italy, 1982.  34 p.
Palmer, Ingrid. 1981. Women, food chains and agrarian reform: World Food Day, 16 October. Rome, Italy, FAO. 13 p.
FAO. 1981. Poverty main cause of hunger: World Food Day, 16 October 1981. Rome, Italy, FAO. 2 p.

21-23 November
FAO Rome

International Symposium on Agricultural Innovation for Family Farming


2-14 December

24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP24)

Includes available for download:
Implications of the action plan of the UN Conference on the Human Environment on FAO Programmes: 59. session, Rome, 20 November - 1 December 1972. – Rome : FAO, 1972. – 7 p. ; 28 cm