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A monthly bulletin on a specific FAO event/symposium or a UN International Day related to one or more Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),
highlighting pertinent current and historic knowledge resources.



22 March
UN Day

World Water Day
First WASAG International Forum on water scarcity in agriculture in Cabo Verde, 19-22 March

Includes available for download:
Falkenmark, Malin; Lundqvist, Jan & Widstrand, Carl (1989-11-01). Macro-scale water scarcity requires micro-scale approaches. Natural Resources Forum. 13 (4): 258–267


12-13 Feb 


The First FAO/WHO/AU International Conference on Food Safety

Inlcudes available for download:
FAO. 1961. Proposed Joint FAO/WHO Program on Food Standards (Codex Alimentarius), Rome, 4 November 1961.
FAO/WHO. 1963. Report of the Joint FAO/WHO Conference on Food Standards, Geneva, 1-5 October 1962.
FAO/OMS. 1963. Rapport de la Conférence mixte FAO/OMS sur les normes alimentaires, Genève, 1-5 octobre 1962.
FAO/OMS. 1963. Informe de la Conferencia Conjunta FAO/OMS sobre Normas Alimentarias, Ginebra, 1-5 de octubre de 1962.


21 March
UN Day


International Day of Forests


3-5 April
FAO Rome


2nd International Symposium on Agroecology

Includes available for download:
Agroecology: reweaving a new landscape

2-4 May
FAO Rome


Global Symposium on Soil Pollution

Includes available for download:
Chapter 5 "Realms of soil" of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

8 June
UN Day

International Ocean Dayhttp://bit.ly/FLBocea


Includes available for download:
New Scientist, May 2018
Carpenter, E. J., & Smith, K. L, Jr. 1972. Plastic on the Sargasso Sea surface. Science, 175: 1240–1241.
Carpenter, E. J., Anderson, S. J., Harvey, G. R., Miklas, H. P. & Peck, B. B. 1972. Polystyrene spherules in coastal waters. Science, 178: 749–750002E.
Bean, M. J. 1987. Legal strategies for reducing persistent plastics in marine environments. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 18: 357–360.
Thompson, R. C., Olsen, Y., Mitchell, R. P., Davis, A., Rowland, S. J., John, A. W. G., et al. 2004. Lost at sea: Where is all the plastic? Science, 304: 838.

16-20 July
FAO Rome



FAO Committee on Forestry (COFO24)

Includes available for download:
Report of the first session of the Committee on Forestry (COFO), Rome, 8-13 May 1972
Rapport de la premier session du Comite des Forests, Rome, 8-13 mai 1972
Informe del premier periodo de sesiones del Comite de Montes, Roma, 8-13 mayo 1972

12 September
UN Day


International Day of South-South Cooperation

Includes available for download:
South-South Cooperation beyond the myths: rising donors, new aid practices? (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017)
The Bandung Conference / by A. Appadorai. - New Delhi : The Indian Council of World Affairs, 1955. - 31 p. ; 21 cm.
Rural reconstruction / Afro-Asian Rural Reconstruction Organization. - v. 1(1) Aug 1966 - v. 1(4)  May 1967. - New Delhi : AARRO, 1966-1967. - vp. ; 25 cm.
The collected documents of the Group of 77. V. 1: Special anniversary edition / edited by Mourad Ahmia. - Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2006. - 1250 p. ; 26 cm.

16 October

UN Day
FAO Rome


World Food Day


Includes available for download:
FAO. 1982. Food comes first: World Food Day, 16 October. Rome, Italy, 1982.  34 p.
Palmer, Ingrid. 1981. Women, food chains and agrarian reform: World Food Day, 16 October. Rome, Italy, FAO. 13 p.
FAO. 1981. Poverty main cause of hunger: World Food Day, 16 October 1981. Rome, Italy, FAO. 2 p.

21-23 November

FAO Rome

International Symposium on Agricultural Innovation for Family Farming


2-14 December


24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP24)

Includes available for download:
Implications of the action plan of the UN Conference on the Human Environment on FAO Programmes: 59. session, Rome, 20 November - 1 December 1972. – Rome : FAO, 1972. – 7 p. ; 28 cm