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Topic: Annual workshops
Report Technical Workshop on locusts in CCA, 2012
Topic: Locust situations
Locusts were progressively disappearing from all Caucasian and Central Asian (CCA) except in Uzbekistan where infestations of the Asian Migratory Locust (LMI) were reported around the Aral Sea. Only 600 ha were treated this month...
Topic: Locust situations
As locust pests were completing their life cycle, the campaign ended in all Caucasian and Central Asian (CCA) countries except in Armenia and the Russian Federation, where control operations were still being undertaken. Remaining locust...
Topic: Locust situations
With progressive fledging of the three locust pests, the 2012 locust campaign was coming to an end in most Caucasian and Central Asian (CCA) countries. However, the current situation continued to be serious in the...
Topic: Locust situations
The locust situation improved in June in southern Caucasus and Central Asia (CCA), where control operations were almost completed but deteriorated in the north, in particular in Kazakhstan and in the Russian Federation, where more...