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Eating well for good health: lessons in nutrition and diets
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Would like to know more about nutrition and healthful diets? Take a look at the Eating Well for Good Health guide recently published by FAO (English only for the time being and Spanish to follow soon).


The lessons are meant for anyone who wants to learn how to improve their diets and eating habits. While oriented towards use in the classroom, the lessons can also be used by groups outside the classroom, such as youth and community groups. The intended classroom level is middle and secondary school students.


Four main topics have been included:


-          What it means to be healthy and well nourished

-          What we get from food

-          How to eat well for good health

-          Healthful habits and lifestyles


Each topic includes 2 or 3 separate lessons, each of which has an overview, learning objectives, questions to think about while reading, reading content, activities and accompanying materials and key points to remember. There is a total of 11 lessons.


To download, click here.

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