FAO Liaison Office in New York


The Liaison Office with the United Nations in New York (LON) has a lead responsibility in the development and implementation of FAO policies and decisions concerning enhanced FAO cooperation and partnerships with the United Nations system and with other international organizations and institutions located in New York.

The main function of LON is to assist decision making at FAO Headquarters in relation to developments in the UN system, mainly through representation at meetings in New York and in Geneva, through liaison with representatives of Member States of the UN and specialized agencies, and through liaison with the secretaries of these organizations.

These offices contribute to strengthened cooperation and coordination, and active information exchange.

The FAO Liaison Office with the United Nations:

  • represents FAO at intergovernmental meetings, notably meetings of the UN General Assembly (UNGA) and the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), as well as related committees, functional commissions and subsidiary bodies; and report on such meetings to FAO Headquarters -priority is to be given to follow-up to the World Food Summit: five years later and to the UN Millennium Declaration
  • represents FAO at inter-agency meetings as needed and maintain working relations with all organizations and entities of the UN system in New York and Geneva and their secretariats - key subjects covered include: international trade, humanitarian affairs and sustainable development; an important new dimension is supporting FAO's participation in the United Nations Development Group (UNDG)
  • maintains liaison with intergovernmental, non-governmental and private institutions, including foundations, associated with UN system activities and development generally
  • contributes to public information and public relations at UN Headquarters, and deal with local public information requests
  • provide services to visiting FAO officers, including briefing them on development related to the purpose of their mission.

The FAO Liaison Office with the United Nations or LON was established March 16, 1956, replacing the Sub-Office in New York of the North American Regional Office.