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FAO has launched a collection of webpages dedicated to the post-2015 development agenda and achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

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21 Mar 2014

International Day of Forests 2014

FAO Video
21 Feb 2014

World fish trade to set new records

Small-scale fishers and fish farmers need support to enter regional and international markets
12 Feb 2014

Central African Republic farmers risk missing March planting season

FAO warns of emerging food and nutrition security crisis
12 Feb 2014

Interview Exclusive: Arni Mathiesen in New York

African countries working to better utilize maritime resources, FAO official tells UN Radio
11 Feb 2014

Interview Exclusive: Jomo Sundaram in New York

Global hunger challenges numerous, FAO official tells UN Radio
10 Feb 2014

Mountains and forests make headlines at UN

SDG consultations

Recent Activities

26 Mar 2014

"The changing development landscape: what will it mean for specialized agencies in a post-2015 era with focus on sustainable development?"

Laurent Thomas, Assistant Director-General, Technical Cooperation Department, FAO
24 Mar 2014

Forests for Sustainable Development

Observance of the International Day of Forests in the UN Headquarters
21 Mar 2014

The Measure of Hunger

Voices of Hunger - a new metric system to measure hunger and food insecurity
11 Mar 2014

FAO joins UN discussion on post 2015 development challenges

FAO Assistant Director General for Technical Cooperation Laurent Thomas
17 Feb 2014

“Major changes” needed to ensure sustainable oceans, forests, mountains, and biodiversity

FAO officials address OWG8 consultations in New York