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Senior Management of Tanzania’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives (MAFC) Agrees to Formally Integrate MAFAP into its Institutional Structures

04 Nov 2013
MAFAP was presented to the MAFC’s senior management on 23 October 2013. The event was attended by 22 out of 30 invited delegates.

The MAFAP country team presented an overview of the project, results from Phase I, planned activities for the next phase, and a proposal for MAFAP’s formal integration into the MAFC. During the meeting, it was agreed that MAFAP will be mainstreamed in the MAFC’s institutional structures, which means that it will become part of the regular activities and programs carried out by the ministry. This decision reflects the MAFC’s ownership of the project and its results.

During the same meeting, the MAFC’s senior management also decided that MAFAP products will be made available to the general public through the MAFC’s official website. Therefore, as of 1 November 2013, MAFAP’s key products were made available for download from the following web address: http://kilimo.go.tz/MAFAP/. These products include MAFAP’s project brochure, country profile, country report and policy briefs for Tanzania.