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ULYSSES International Seminar "Food price volatility: Looking for viable policy approaches"
From the 27-28 March 2014 a high-level seminar on Food Price Volatility will take place in Madrid, Spain.
MAFAP to present at EAFF workshop
MAFAP has been invited by the Eastern African Farmers Federation (EAFF) to present at an inception workshop for a project on Policies for Food Governance.
MAFAP Inception mission to Kigali, Rwanda
In January 2014 a MAFAP team member travelled to Kigali to discuss the implementation of the MAFAP programme in Rwanda.
MAFAP in Ethiopia: Implementation on track
The partnership between FAO and the Ethiopian Development Institute (EDRI) is giving its first encouraging results.
Analysis of Public Expenditure on Agriculture and Rural Development in Malawi: the FAO- MAFAP and IFPRI collaboration
The MAFAP team has started to build the first Public Expenditure (PE) database on agriculture and rural development in Malawi.
Implementation of New Policy for Agriculture Development in Mali
A MAFAP expert from FAO Rome undertook a mission in Mali from the 21st to the 24th of January.
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