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Overview of key events

  • February 2012: MAFAP activities started in Mozambique

  • November 2012: Technical workshop to validate the main findings of the MAFAP policy review held in collaboration with the Department of Economics of the  Ministry of Agriculture

Policy Analysis Partners

Policy Dialogue Partners

Commodities Analysed

  • The Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG), Department of Economics

  • The Mozambique Market Information System (SIMA – MINAG)

  • The Ministry of Planning and Development – National Directorate of Studies and Policy Analysis
  • The Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG)

  • The Ministry of Planning and Development

  • The Ministry of Trade and Commerce

  • The Cotton Institute

  • The Ginner Association

  • The National Distributor of Sugar


  • Maize
  • Rice
  • Cassava
  • Tobacco
  • Cotton
  • Beans
  • Sugar Cane

Key Resources

  • Six technical notes on market incentives and disincentives in Mozambique for maize, cassava, rice, cotton, sugarcane and tobacco

  • A comprehensive country report

  • A database with all indicators and supporting information

  • Information about capacity development in analyzing market incentives and disincentives


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Mozambique Policy Briefs