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Malta on show

Headquarters hosts inaugural event showcasing Maltese culture, Malta’s commitment to presidency of European Council and international development


In order to celebrate Malta’s presidency to the European Union Council for 2017 FAO is hosting an exhibit in the atrium, focusing on issues of migration and oceans - both priorities Malta decided to focus upon during its presidency. As the smallest European Union Member State, Malta is presiding over the rotating council position for the first time. Ambassador Vanessa Frazier, Permanent Representative, opened the ceremonial inauguration during which a short video highlighting Malta’s priorities for the EU presidency for the year was shown.

With this event, Malta has reaffirmed its commitment to dialogue with FAO through the EU presidency. Laurent Thomas, ADG Officer-in-charge, DDO, presiding over the event noted that the Organization works closely with the EU and that the strength of the EU-FAO partnership lies in the strong alignment in our strategic priorities and in our joint commitment to the SDG agenda, especially achieving SDG2 on the eradication of global hunger and malnutrition, and in addressing global food crises and resilience.

In this regard, Laurent Thomas welcomed the alignment of the EU priorities to the SDGs and the forthcoming European Union Consensus on development, which promotes gender equality, youth, mobility, access to modern and sustainable energy, and investment as essential drivers to implement the 14 SDGs.

He also thanked the organizers of the exhibit noting that, “FAO is honoured to host the Malta exhibit and wishes the Maltese presidency to the EU Council success in this role.”

He stressed that FAO very much looked forward to engaging with the Maltese presidency on some of its most important priorities, including the migration-development nexus, ocean sustainability and governance.

Having hosted the Valletta Conference on Migration in November 2015, Malta remains to be one of the leading member states working on the European response to migration and is committed to addressing both the internal and the international dimension of the problem and the crisis.

FAO also welcomes that ocean sustainability, international ocean governance and job-creation in the context of Blue Growth, is another priority of the Maltese presidency.

Visitors to the exhibit have the opportunity to view nearly 40 photographs that showcase aspects of Malta’s coast, agriculture, customs and traditions. The area displays Malta’s ten overseas aid projects in different regions around the world, and a series of 13 videos that explore the Maltese islands. The exhibit also invites visitors to freely download the Mdiet App to explore Mediterranean foods, meals and their nutritional benefits. The exhibit is located in the Atrium throughout February and will eventually move to the Flag hall.

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