The Rome Declaration on World Food Security

The World Food Summit that took place in Rome, Italy from 13-17 November 1996 adopted by acclamation the Rome Declaration on World Food Security and the World Food Summit Plan of Action. These two documents provide a clear normative focus for the MFCAL Approach, in that they alert us to the complexity and scale of the food security challenge.

The Rome Declaration recognises seven broad commitments which form the basis of the World Food Summit Plan of Action.

  1. we will ensure an enabling political, social, and economic environment designed to create the best conditions for the eradication of poverty and for durable peace, based on full and equal participation of women and men, which is most conducive to achieving sustainable food security for all;
  2. we will implement policies aimed at eradicating poverty and inequality and improving physical and economic access by all, at all times, to sufficient, nutritionally adequate and safe food and its effective utilization;
  3. we will pursue participatory and sustainable food, agriculture, fisheries, forestry and rural development policies and practices in high and low potential areas, which are essential to adequate and reliable food supplies at the household, national, regional and global levels, and combat pests, drought and desertification, considering the multifunctional character of agriculture;
  4. we will strive to ensure that food, agricultural trade and overall trade policies are conducive to fostering food security for all through a fair and market-oriented world trade system;
  5. we will endeavour to prevent and be prepared for natural disasters and man-made emergencies and to meet transitory and emergency food requirements in ways that encourage recovery, rehabilitation, development and a capacity to satisfy future needs;
  6. we will promote optimal allocation and use of public and private investments to foster human resources, sustainable food, agriculture, fisheries and forestry systems, and rural development, in high and low potential areas;
  7. we will implement, monitor, and follow-up this Plan of Action at all levels in cooperation with the international community.