FAO in Mongolia

Our Team

Representation office

Vinod Ahuja

FAO Representative in Mongolia

Nyamjargal Gombo

Assistant FAO Representative

Jigjidpurev Sukhbaatar

Technical Advisor (Livestock expert)

Amgalan Ariunbold

Technical Advisor (Agronomy, crop expert)

Amarsanaa Lkhagvasuren

National Consultant (Animal Health expert)

Nyamkhuu Tsoodol

National Consultant (ICT, E-agriculture)

Tsetsgee Ser-Od

Dairy Asia coordinator

Tselmeg Chuluunbaatar

Communication and Networking Coordinator

Otgontuya Sukhbaatar

National Professional Officer

Ariunzaya Lkhagvasuren

Programme Associate

Anudari Enkhtur

Programme Associate

Narantsetseg Bandi

Admin and Finance Officer

Bujin Bazarvaani

Office Assistant

Erdene-Us Adiya

Operations Officer

Zoljargal Daramdorj

Operations Officer

Bolormaa Byambadorj

Operations Officer

Battsetseg Amar


Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation, SFM and carbon sink enhancement into Mongolia's productive forest landscapes -GCP/MON/008/GFF project

Solongo Tsevegmid

National Programme Officer

Norovsuren Lkhagvasuren

Operations & Admin Officer

Erdenetuya Batsuren

Office Facilitator

Support to employment creation in Mongolia (SECiM) Component 2: Piloting quality private sector work in selected livestock and vegetable value chains - GCP/MON/014/EC project

Zolzaya Baljinnyam

Project Coordinator

Angiragmaa Chuluunbaatar

Training Officer

Munkhchimeg Erdenebileg

Admin and Operation Assistant

Munkhjargal Byamba

Dairy Value Chain Consultant

Enkhbayar Sundui

Meat Value Chain Consultant

Choijilsuren Damiran

Vegetable Value Chain Consultant

Inclusive and sustainable vegetable and marketing project (VEGI) Outcome 4: Policy - GCP/MON/015/SWI project

Altantsetseg Balgan

National Project Coordinator

Munkh-Orgil Khurelchudur

Admin Officer 

Strengthening Capacity in the Agriculture and Land-use Sectors in Mongolia for Enhanced Transparency  in Implementation and Monitoring of Mongolia`s NDC under the Paris Agreement (MSP)

Tuya Tserenbataa

National Project Coordinator

Dolgorsuren Sanjjav

Technical officer for adaptation

Saruul Dolgorsuren

Decision Support Specialist




Prevention and mitigation of sand and dust storms originated in dry land areas of Mongolia

Odonchimeg Davaasuren

National Project Coordinator