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What can I do?

It is hard to understand why in this time of plenty, so many people remain hungry. Governments must do their part - but they can't eradicate hunger on their own. It will take the efforts of international organizations, civil society groups, religious bodies and you too, to make a difference.

FAO supports a number of awareness-raising activities. The TeleFood campaign funds self-sustaining projects in poor villages. Many nations organize annual celebrations for World Food Day. Feeding Minds, Fighting Hunger helps to educate the next generation about hunger and nutrition. The International Alliance Against Hunger forms nationwide alliances of partners dedicated to fighting hunger.

You may be able to volunteer in your community. From soup kitchens to school gardens, local efforts fight hunger where it strikes - in places that may be within your sight, but hidden to others. Find out if a non-governmental organization (NGO) or religious group is working nearby.

Support your country's efforts to fight hunger. Voice your opinion locally and nationally. And learn more about hunger so you can become part of the solution: there are 840 million reasons to begin today.

A school garden in a poor community on Lima's outskirts improves children's nutrition while imparting skills and pride (more news…)

FAO member nations are
already fighting hunger. They can find additional information here about
country activities and partners.

NGOs and civil society groups (CSOs) are close FAO collaborators. On this site, they may find information on other NGOs/CSOs, the International Alliance Against Hunger and partners.

World Food Day
Feeding Minds,
Fighting Hunger
International Alliance Against Hunger
NGOs and civil society organizations

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