Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Monitoring Progress and Action in the Fight Against Hunger
Close-up of children sharing a bowl of rice. Ghana -- Photo credit: FAO/18436/P.Cenini

Ending hunger must be a priority for all

Hunger strikes more than 840 million people. It saps strength and dulls intelligence. It destroys innocent lives, especially children. And by weakening a nation's workforce, hunger cripples a nation's growth.

FAO helps countries to make progress toward the World Food Summit (WFS) goal of reducing the number of hungry people by half by 2015. It also works toward the Millennium Development Goals.

Working together we win - Working separately we don't. Working together means joining forces, agreeing on where there is opportunity and challenging when required. It is essential to work together and have many voices as a united force in order to effectively increase global awareness and public campaigns on issues of hunger and poverty, to make both hunger and poverty a part of the past. Newsletter #5 of the International Alliance Against Hunger.

According to the former President of Germany, Mr Johannes, Rau, the fight against hunger calls for patience, endurance, great commitment and persuasiveness. We need patience and endurance because the fight against hunger is long and hard. We should not allow ourselves to become disheartened if progress is sometimes less than we had hoped, or if we suffer set-backs in some areas, and must keep our eyes firmly fixed on our goal: a world without hunger. (More...)

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The State of Food Insecurity in the World

(SOFI) 2006 estimates 842 million people suffer chronic hunger. In 19 developing countries, the number of hungry dropped by 80 million over ten years. But in developing nations overall, hunger is on the rise.

The Committee on World Food Security (CFS), the governing body that monitors progress on the WFS target, will receive and discuss the progress report of the “International Alliance Against Hunger at its 31st session from 23 to 26 May 2005”.

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