Alpine spheres: natural limits, infinite possibilities

Innsbruck, Austria
From: 29.09.2017 to: 30.09.2017

The International Commission for the Protection of the Alps (CIPRA)’s 2017 annual conference “Alpine spheres: natural limits, infinite possibilities” will take place on 29-30 September in Innsbruck, Austria. The focus will be on spatial planning and the importance of territorial policy for policies, planning and civil society at all levels. CIPRA comes to this subject after having devoted several activities and initiatives to it. The alpMonitor project illustrates the theme of territorial planning with an interactive presentation and a useful reference framework. Additionally, the recently published issue of the “Alpine Scenes” thematic magazine is dedicated to questions about space and quality of life in the Alps. The open letter sent in 2016 to the Conference on Spatial Planning of Alpine States was also the subject of much attention. CIPRA invites ministers to intensify activities aimed at guaranteeing the natural foundations of life in the Alps.

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Photo: FAO/Richard Slaby

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