Global Mountains

Cambridge, England
From: 05.07.2018 to: 06.07.2018

Mountains have long been sources of fascination and inspiration, productive of distinctive ways of thinking and acting among inhabitants, administrators, scientists, travellers and distant readers and viewers alike. Global Mountains will be a two-day conference bringing into conversation scholars from a range of disciplines working on diverse engagements with and imaginations of mountainous regions.

The conference will bring together conceptions of mountains as both subjects of enquiry and the settings of unique human and beyond-human stories across Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe. Key themes to be addressed include the importance of verticality in the history of scientific practice, the reciprocal effects of mountain environments and human cultures, and the roles of mountains as borderlands between states.

Discussion will focus on, but not be limited to, the following thematic sessions: mountain environments, mountain societies, mountain imaginaries, mountain sciences and mountain politics.

Global Mountains will take place at the University of Cambridge on 5-6 July 2018. Scholars at all career stages are invited to apply, and interest from graduate students and early career researchers is very much welcome. Scholars working on mountains in any related discipline are encouraged to make submissions. All speakers will be asked to submit their papers for pre-circulation in advance of the event, in order to facilitate in depth discussion, and with a view to publication.

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Photo: FAO/Anuj Ghimire  

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