Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics Forum 2019

Assam, India
From: 05.11.2019 to: 06.11.2019

The Balipara foundation will be presenting the Eastern Himalayan Naturenomics Forum 2018, Rural Futures: Nature Capital towards Universal Basic Assets. The Forum will take place from 5-6 November in Assam, India. It will be a participatory gathering to explore the crucial role of local communities in the Eastern Himalayas, in conserving local environmentalists and at the same time supporting local economies and livelihoods. The conference will bring together indigenous, community, university, government, and NGO people from around the world, aiming to produce lessons of relevance to communities, policy-makers, researchers and range of organizations- at all levels from local to global.

For more information and participation in the Forum 2019, email

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Photo by the Balipara foundation

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