Climathon 2019

From: 25.10.2019 to: 25.10.2019

Climate-kic organizes an annual Climathon 24-hour hackathon aimed at empowering thousands of innovators worldwide to help achieve a global goal of zero emissions. Cities identify their climate challenges and call on citizens, city officials and partners to participate in the event to innovate creative solutions to these issues. Last year, 113 cities in more than 46 countries participated in the event.

So far, three cities in Italy have confirmed their participation in Climathon: Turin, Milan and Courmayeur. This year is Courmayeur’s first time to participate in the hackathon, at which Mountain Partnership Steering Committee Chair Grammenos Mastrojeni will be present. Participants in the city will work together to develop solutions to the challenges of climate change in mountains.

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