Mountain Countries and the Road to Rio +20

Swiss Mission to the U.N., New York
From: 09.05.2011 to: 09.05.2011

Mountain Partnership Event


In preparation for the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development – also called the Rio+20 Summit - mountain countries met in New York to join forces and renew high political attention to fragile mountain ecosystems. On 9 May 2011, during the CSD 19, Switzerland and Italy welcomed members of the Mountain Focus Group – an informal group of mountain countries at the U.N. - to discuss ways in which they can have an impact on the outcome of Rio+20 and contribute to the next CSD cycle that will include a focus on mountains. The meeting was organized at the Swiss Mission to the U.N. within the framework of the Mountain Partnership and included representatives of Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Bolivia, Chile, France, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Lesotho, Peru, Slovenia and Tajikistan. The Mountain countries agreed on the priority of joining forces to increase their negotiating power and build awareness at all levels highlighting the cause of mountains within the Rio +20 process. Lobbying, networking and emphasizing the relationship between Mountains and Green economy were some of the activities that the Group will take action on. Countries were encouraged to submit inputs to the Rio +20 Secretariat by the end of October in order to influence the language of the final document.


Photo (c) Knowsphotos / Flickr

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