Third International High Mountain Glacial Watershed Conference

Huaraz, Peru
From: 08.07.2013 to: 21.07.2013


The 3rd International High Mountain Glacial Watershed Conference will bring together scientists, practitioners, decision makers, and other stakeholders from the Andes, Asia, and the rest of the world to experience the “living laboratory” of the Peruvian Andes.  Unlike past conferences, this event will focus on learning through a series of hands-on training modules led by expert practitioners who have extensive experience in the Andes.  

Hosted by the Mountain Institute's High Mountain Glacial Watershed Program, the conference will focus on the threat of climate change in tropical and temperate high mountain glacial watersheds.  The impacts of climate change are a global threat, and the lessons to be learned in the Andes can spark international cooperation and a global dialogue to tackle these challenges.  

This event will take place during Peru’s Month of Glaciology, which also includes a research symposium led by the Glaciology Unit and public awareness campaigns in Huaraz, Lima and Cusco.

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