Long-Term Research in Mountain Areas Workshop

Tyrol, Austria
From: 29.09.2017 to: 03.10.2017

Long-term research programmes have steadily gained importance over the last decades, monitoring worldwide issues such as climate change, land use changes, deposition and accumulation of pollutants, acceleration of socio-economic evolution, and analysing their influences on ecosystems. Ecological and socio-ecological questions in mountain areas can be difficult to answer in short funding cycles such as three-year projects. Thus, long-term research involving different disciplines and scales is a promising way for gaining comprehensive knowledge to develop amendatory strategies. Long-term research means standardization of methods, long-term data storing and handling, and well-defined evaluation procedures.

With this workshop, the Alpine Research Centre Obergurgl of the University of Innsbruck, hepia Genevia of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland and LTSER platform Tyrolaen Alps want to provide:
• a platform for sharing information on long term activities in mountain areas;
• a discussion forum for methods, data handling and evaluation; and
• round tables for discussions of joint projects.

The workshop aims to cover three main topics:
• Long-term monitoring: methods and data management;
• Long-term monitoring and global warming; and
• Long-term monitoring and agricultural practices.

Researchers working on long-term studies in mountain areas are invited to share their results, their expertise in monitoring techniques and their experiences in stakeholder demands. Talks and posters are welcome and suggestions on discussion topics and round tables are appreciated.

The Venue:
As an institution of the University of Innsbruck, the University Centre Obergurgl is located in the immediate vicinity of the central divide of the Austrian Alps featuring a wide range of mountain ecosystems, from the treeline ecotone (1 930 metres) to the nival zone (3 480 metres). A one-day excursion will be offered.

The deadline for final registration and abstract submission is 15 April 2017. Participants may register via the registration form and send it to

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Photo: Roberto Ramos Monge 

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