International Conference on Managing Mediterranean Mountain Geoheritage

Manteigas, Serra da Estrela, Portugal
From: 06.05.2017 to: 07.05.2017

Mediterranean mountains are sensitive environments showing a long history of human intervention resulting in complex land use and mosaics. Climate oscillations since the Tertiary Era, ranging from tropical and mild climates to cold climates during glacial periods, have left a remarkable imprint on many Mediterranean mountains. The annual variation of the Mediterranean climate, marked by a summer dryness followed by a rainy season, will be amplified following the main climate scenarios predicted for the next decades. Mediterranean mountains are rich with cultural heritage, and many mountains host key geological and geomorphological sites with high scientific, cultural, pedagogic and scenic value. Such natural assets must be preserved through holistic and sustainable policies involving local communities, scientists, stakeholders and policy makers in order to identify and apply the best practices for land management.

The International Conference on Managing Mediterranean Mountain Geoheritage will bring international experts on geoheritage, geotourism and spatial planning to the Estrela Aspiring Geopark to discuss the latest research, applications and best practices and how to apply them to Mediterranean mountains. The conference will be an interdisciplinary forum open to local stakeholders and will include a scientific field trip to the main geosites of the Serra da Estrela.

Oral and poster presentations on Mediterranean mountains on the following topics are welcome:
• Geoheritage as a catalyser of scientific research;
• Advances in geoheritage: research and applications;
• Good practices on managing geoheritage;
• Innovation in mountain tourism and sustainability;
• Geotourism: success stories;
• Promoting indigenous products;
• Empowering women; and
• Education and outreach in the geosciences.

The publication of a special issue of an international journal is under planning. All conference presentations may be submitted for peer-review.

The Scientific Committee of the Conference also invites authors to submit abstracts to be considered for inclusion in the Scientific Programme. The deadline to submit an abstract is 20 February 2017.

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Photo: Geopark Estrela

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