International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture

Chiang Mai, Thailand
From: 07.12.2017 to: 08.12.2017

The Faculty of Agriculture of Chiang Mai University in Thailand will host the first International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture (ICSA) on “Systems approach for sustainable livelihoods and the environment”. The ICSA will provide an opportunity for professors, researchers and scholars from around the world to come together and share the latest research results and developments in sustainable agriculture. The conference aims to expand the uses of the systems approach for improving agricultural production systems and natural resource management, to generate strategic information and technologies to support agricultural production planning and to provide a platform for knowledge sharing.

1. “Implementation of the systems approach in agricultural resource management: farm, regional and national multi-hierarchical linkages” – The following issues will be discussed:
• Approaches and practices of sustainable agro-ecosystem management in mountainous areas
• Integrated approaches and pathways for complex socio-ecological systems management
• Decision support systems for Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (SANRM)
• Soil and water conservation for enhancing agricultural productivity
• Integrated socio-ecological management for efficient land use systems
• Area-based agricultural resources management
• Indicators and assessment framework and method for SNARM

2. “Climate Smart Agricultural Systems” – The sessions under this theme will challenge the involved scholars to share and exchange knowledge and experiences on the following topics:
• Integrated information system tools (i.e. modeling, remote sensing, databases and decision supporting tools) to address the impacts of climate change on natural and agricultural systems
• Understanding and communicating knowledge of the climate change and sustainable agricultural system nexus, from farm to policy level
• Enhancing locals’ awareness of the risk of agricultural systems to climate change and promoting climate-smart agriculture practices
• Small-scale holders’ reduction of Green House Gas emissions with cost-effective practices
• Developing sustainable and resilient agricultural systems through on-the-job training and education

3. “Sustainable rural livelihood systems (resilient socio-ecological systems)” – The following issues will be discussed:
• Cases highlighting the use of the systems approach for sustainable and secure livelihoods
• Indigenous/local knowledge and community-based agricultural resource management
• Local, social and institutional innovations and practices
• Incentive systems: economic, policy and institutional frameworks for agricultural resource management
• Adaptive management for resilient livelihood systems
• Outcomes and impacts of SANRM

Mountain Partnership members are encouraged to participate and submit papers on the issue of “Approaches and practices of sustainable agro-ecosystem management in mountainous areas” under Theme 1.

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Photo: MP Flickr/Jack Ives 

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