We are Alps Tour 2017: "Water in the Alps"

Vienna, Austria
From: 25.06.2017 to: 02.07.2017

The 2017 edition of the We are Alps tour will show the characteristics, features, opportunities and common issues that Alpine inhabitants are facing. This year’s focus will be on the topic of “Water in the Alps”.

A small group of journalists will be taken for a week-long excursion across the Alps, using sustainable means of transport that are alternative to private cars; trains, buses, boats and bicycles will be used, and a part of the tour will be done on foot. Throughout the tour, the group will meet various people from the Alps – experts, civil society representatives, business people, workers, farmers and government officials, among others.

The tour will take place in early summer on a route linking Vienna, Austria, and Monaco. There will be various activities on the topic of Water in the Alps, from drinking water to water sports and spa, from water ecology to irrigation, hydroelectricity and more, also highlighting the issues of natural disasters and climate change. The group will experience various rivers and lakes in Austria, France, Italy and Switzerland, with a finish by the sea in Monaco. The participants will also have the opportunity to meet the actors of flagship projects contributing to innovative water management.

Participants in the 2017 tour will be identified through a “Call for Interest", which is open to journalists, particularly from the Alpine countries. Participants should prove professional interest in Alpine and water-related topics and be in good physical condition. Since the tour will be carried out in English language, a sufficient proficiency in English is needed. The deadline to apply is 30 April 2017.

We are Alps is organized by the Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention in close cooperation with local partners, stakeholders and observer organizations.

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Photo: Alpine Convention

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