CinemAmbiente Environmental Film Festival

Turin, Italy
From: 31.05.2017 to: 05.06.2017

Since its inception in 1998, the “CinemAmbiente” Environmental Film Festival has presented some of the best in environmental films. The festival seeks to address the myriad issues related to the environment, including pollution, consumerism, food, waste production and management, genetically modified organisms (GMO), sustainable development and climate change, with a particular focus on business and environmental sustainability. CinemAmbiente is also a member of the Green Film Network, an international organization of major environmental film festivals.

The CinemAmbiente programme, which will be announced on 25 May 2017, will feature over 100 selected films, competing in the national and international categories as well as in the special categories of panorama, focus, retrospectives and ecokids. Besides film screenings, the programme will include debates, meetings with authors and directors, exhibitions, book presentations, theatrical performances and concerts, and events in and around Turin. “Holy (un)Holy River”, a documentary about the Ganges River directed by Peter McBride and Mountain Partnership goodwill ambassador Jake Norton, will also be shown at the festival.

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Photo: Museo Nazionale della Montagna

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