Name of Product: Ulikan Red Rice
Scientific Name: Oryza sativa indica
Product Type: Staple food
MP Region: Asia and the Pacific
Country of origin: Philippines
Name of the Mountain Area: Pasil, Kalinga Province, Cordillera Administrative Area, Philippines
Altitude Range: Class 5: elevation 1 000-1 500 m and slope ≥5 or LER > 300 m
Narrative label: This Ulikan red rice is an heirloom variety cultivated by women farmers, along the rice terraces of the Pasil River Valley, Kalinga in the Philippine Cordillera. Due to the versatility and adaptability of the Ulikan red to the elevated rice terraces, it has become a popular source of food for the barangay of Pasil. Strongly linked to local culture the rice is often given as a gift to newlyweds as a sign of prosperity and food security.

Tradition and Biodiversity
The importance of the Ulikan red has been orally passed on over generations. One legend states that when the great leader Likan of the Taguibong tribes went missing after a hunt, this rice variety grew from his remains. The tribe brought the seeds home and planted them in remembrance of their leader. It was said that the color red was a sign from Likan that he was happy that his descendants had honored him. The name “ulikan” means that Likan will live on, as long as the rice does.

This Ulikan red is cultivated in the elevated rice terraces of the Pasil River Valley, Kalinga, a province in the Cordillera from 500 - 2,000 meters above sea level.

Ulikan red rice is a rusty-red-colored, non-sticky, aromatic long-grain rice that has a wonderful earthy aroma when cooking, and a mild flavor. Ulikan is a staple food for locals traditionally served with dried legumes, mungo beans, and wild-foraged river greens.

A group of 500 women from different barangay of Pasil have traditionally grown heirloom rice varieties along the mountain slopes of the Pasil River Valley. The women in these communities are the primary source of traditional knowledge about seed selection and preservation, and are therefore the key to maintaining the full diversity of over 30 varieties of heirloom rice perfectly adapted to the local environment.
Producer: A group of 500 women from different barangay of Pasil,
Contact person: Lam-en Gonnay, [email protected]
Labelled since: 09.08.2019
Label latest verification: 09.08.2019
Type of producer: Family farmer, Community
Smallholder: yes
Size of company: > 50 people
Distribution channel: Direct sale, Intermediary, Local market, Retailer
At risk of disappearing: Yes. Traditional heirloom rice varieties like Ulikan Red Rice are at risk of disappearing because farmers are tempted to change to commercial varieties.
Traditional product/production: Yes. Since ancient times the entire area has been used for rice cultivation.
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