Pragya Seeds Nepal (PGSI)

Pragya Seeds Nepal is a Nepali NGO created by a young Nepali entrepreneur who is concerned with promoting Zero Waste in Nepal and supporting the local economy and the environment through a community-approach. Pragy Seeds Nepal is the leading Himalaya Nepal chapter of the Zero Waste initiative and has more than ten Nepali members as well as occasional foreign interns and associates. It is directly supported by Thanal, an Indian NGO concerned with Zero Waste Asia.

Member category Nongovernmental Organizations
Country Nepal
Area Asia and the Pacific
Geographic focus of work Nepal
Head Pranay Shrestha
Head title Chairperson
Focal Point title Chairperson
Focal Point Pranay Shrestha
Alternate Focal Point title Project Manager
Alternate Focal Point Mina Rai
Address Naxal, Kathmandu
Telephone 0097714442848
Email 2
Electoral Group Asia and the Pacific Major Groups
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