Criteria for membership 

Governments, inter-governmental organizations, major groups and private sector companies that are actively engaged in and committed to achieving sustainable mountain development are eligible to join the Mountain Partnership. As such, individuals cannot be members.

Governments and organizations that join the Mountain Partnership must be committed to advancing sustainable mountain development. They must also be willing and able to engage in dialogue and work with fellow Mountain Partnership members to champion the cause of sustainable mountain development.

The criteria for establishing and maintaining membership of the Mountain Partnership include:

·         Endorsement of the vision, mission and guiding principles of the Mountain Partnership;

·         Active involvement in sustainable mountain development;

·         Being a formal entity with a proven level of stability in terms of funding and organizational capacity;

·         Nominating a Focal Point for regular interaction with members and the Mountain Partnership Secretariat;

·         Willingness to join forces and cooperate with other members;

·         Access to the information and communication technologies (e.g. computer, email and internet) to participate effectively in Mountain Partnership activities;

·         Access to resources (financial, in-kind or both) within the organization to invest in sustainable mountain development and to play an active role in the Partnership.

Membership duration is four years and is renewable. Read more in the Mountain Partnership Strategy and Governance 2018-2021 document.

Interested governments and organizations may apply to become members by sending back the application form once it has been filled out.

application form

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