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The newest issue of Mountain Research and Development, Vol 39, No 1 is now available online. 

In this issue, two papers address food security in mountains: one presents a food systems mapping approach tested in Kenya and Bolivia, and the other assesses food consumption patterns among Mapuche communities in Chile. Additional papers discuss the development of the water–food–energy nexus in the context of tourism in Nepal, perceptions of national parks in a neoliberal context in Poland (spatiotemporal and economic study) and Switzerland (multiperspectival linguistic study), behavior change of backcountry tourists in the Swiss Alps, and postdisturbance recovery of forests and carbon stock in a national park in Slovakia. The issue closes with a portrait of IMHE’s Research Center for Digital Mountain and Remote Sensing Application and three tributes to Bruno Messerli.

The Mountain Research Development journal publishes peer-reviewed articles presenting original research on mountain environments and people, sustainable mountain development, and mountain development experiences. Coverage ranges widely, from topics in the natural sciences to anthropological, economic and sociocultural issues. The target audiences are the scientific community and policy- and decision-makers.

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