MPS launches mountain education database


The Mountain Partnership Secretariat (MPS) has launched an education database to assist members and students find courses and degree programmes on mountain issues offered by universities around the world. The Mountain Education Database will help users to discover courses in their subject area of interest and compare them to courses offered by other universities and in different fields.

Tailored to the needs of mountain communities, mountain experts, scientists, researchers and mountain entrepreneurs, the database is a capacity development portal that offers a wide range of learning opportunities, from free online courses to bachelor's and master's degrees. Some of the courses listed are from Mountain Partnership member institutions located in mountainous regions, while others are from major universities offering relevant courses as part of a broader selection.

To navigate the 95 mountain courses from 23 countries currently listed in the database, users can search by year, type of course, keyword, country and language:

Year: define your search by the year you wish to start learning;
Type of course: select the type of degree or certificate you wish to achieve, from Ph.D. programmes to free online courses;
Keyword: choose from a list of keywords – including biodiversity, climate change, migration, policy and law and more – to find courses on a specific subject;
Country and language: look for courses offered by institutions in specific countries and languages.

The Mountain Education Database is constantly updated, but please do not hesitate to contact the MPS to suggest new courses or add information about courses that are already present in the database:

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