Mountains 2018 organizers call for input


Mountains 2018 is the second in a series of international conferences that will bring together scholars, professionals, policy-makers and other stakeholders from the mountain world. The conference seeks to stimulate discussion and disseminate knowledge about mountains, based on lessons learned from scientific research and practical experiences related to the use of mountain territories and the challenges of promoting sustainable development in them. This will include reflecting on how mountains can contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Organized within the framework of the Mountain Partnership (MP), Mountains 2018 is organized by MP members Centro de Investigação de Montanha, Crescente Fértil and the UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Mountain Development in collaboration with the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa), Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, Federal University of Ceará, Instituto Politécnico de Bragança and Nova Friburgo. Partners of Mountains 2018 include MP members Fundación Agreste and The Mountain Institute along with Emater-Rio, Pesagro-Rio, University of Western Paraná, Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar, National University of Río Cuarto and World Famous Mountains Association.

The first of the series - Mountains 2016 - was held in Bragança, Portugal in October 2016. One of the outcomes of this event was the launching of the Lusophony Mountain Research Network (LuMont), a network encouraging exchange among scientists working in mountain areas of Portuguese-speaking countries worldwide. The establishment of LuMont provided additional support for Brazil to organize the next conference. As a result, Mountains 2018 will take place in Nova Friburgo, located in the mountainous region of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 11-15 December 2018.

Mountains 2018 will be organized along two axes: the third Workshop on Sustainable Development in Mountain Regions; and the second International Conference on Research for Sustainable Development in Mountain Regions (ICRSDMR). The Workshop will focus on practical experiences related to sustainable development in mountain regions, bringing together professionals and other stakeholders that are actively working towards this urgent goal. The ICRSDMR will discuss issues related to scientific research and perspectives to enhance and disseminate knowledge about mountains, bringing together researchers and other professionals interested in the topic. English will be the official language of both events.

To encourage participation in the conference planning process, the organizers invite institutions, the private sector, researchers and other interested professionals to contribute to the concept of the event and its organization as well as to provide support. Suggestions of themes to be discussed during the event, and information about possible involvement (i.e. sponsor, speaker, participant, coordinator of round table/s, facilitator of workshop/s, etc.) should be sent by e-mail to by 20 May 2017.

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Photo: Hugo de Castro

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