Romania adopts national mountain law


Following fifteen years of efforts , the official Romanian “Mountain Law” for a better future in mountain areas was adopted during the 11th “Euromontana” Convention that took place 25-27 September 2018 in Suceava County (North Carpathians), Romania.
The Mountain Law includes the following chapters:

- The delineation of the mountain area and of the mountain ranges;
- The institutional framework specific to the development of the mountain area;
- Infrastructure and mountain territory planning;
- Economic and social development in the mountain area;
- Protection and development of the mountain environment, preservation of the biodiversity;
- Education, professional training and research in the mountain area;
- Culture and mountain heritage;
- The program to support the activities in mountain areas.

The “Mountain Law” regulates models of sustainable and inclusive mountain development by valorizing natural and human resources, increasing living standards, stabilizing the population, maintaining cultural identity, increasing local and national economic power, and protecting the environment. The law states that Romania, through its institutions, should play a role in preserving, and supporting the sustainable management of forests. Lastly, this implementation has led to a creation of a new programme that encourages sustainable activities in mountain areas based in multiple sectors, including agriculture. Overall, the creation of the “Mountain Law” in Romania hopes to serve as a framework for other emerging countries.

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Photo by Euromontana

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